Frequently Asked Questions For Vendors

What benefits would I get if I signed up on Search Architect?

When you sign up on Search Architect, as an introductory offer, we are providing an annual membership subscription for FREE for the first year. That means you will get the benefits of a premium account for NO COST.

What are the benefits of a membership?
Is my personal information safe on Search Architect?
Will Search Architect take a commission from the projects that I procure from the website?
What if I do not wish to provide my contact number on my profile?
Can Search Architect delete my profile?

Frequently Asked Questions For Customer

Are the architects on Search Architect legitimate?

Yes, we make sure to verify each member via KYC during registration. This prevents any identity theft, fake profiles, etc.

Can the price of a service change by the same architect?
How can I check the standard of work of an architect?
How can I ensure that the listed projects in the architect's portfolio are legitimate?
What if I have a one-of-a-kind project not listed on the website?

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