Studio VIVA is a multi-disciplinary design house that provides idea-rich solutions in the areas of architecture. Interiors, furniture and brand identity. Studio VIVA “where studio meaning a designers workroom and VIVA meaning to live with expression“ represents the coming together of different people….of diverse talents, work techniques and thinking fabrics. When brought together, what emerges is a distinctive work style that is modern, striking and emotive. A collaborative endeavor that seeks to create a finer emotional connection with its audience. Our instinctive approach to work is to begin with strong ideas. Once the concept is off and running, we back it up with solid execution. Something that comes to us easily considering the fair bit of experience behind us. Moreover, studio VIVA has a complete, in-house design and production cell that provides us 24X7 access to a vast range of traditional and emerging technologies across all our disciplines. With state-of-the-art technology by our side we find it easier to elevate strong ideas to the level of inspiration.


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